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Thomas Berger’s Egoless Fictions

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Henry Giardina on the novelist Thomas Berger, who died last week at the age of eighty-nine: http://nyr.kr/1n7EZeZ

“Many writers begin by mimicking their influences, and their ventriloquism eventually gives way to a distinct identity. Berger’s identity, in contrast, lay in his ability to…

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“Everywhere Eyeballs Are Aflame”, Odilon Redon, 1888.

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“Love stories center on a problem—two people love each other, or one person loves another person, and how are they going to get together? Sex is part of the solution, or usually it is. There are, in literature, those strange cases where it isn’t.”

Henry Giardina on the peculiarly virginal hero of Orlando Innamorato and Orlando Furioso.

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From The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson, 2014.

From The Grand Budapest Hotel, Wes Anderson, 2014.

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James Davis Cooper after a James Crichton-Browne photograph, Illustration from Chapter XIII of The Expression of the Emotions of Man and Animals; Insane Woman Showing the Condition of Her Hair, c. 1871-1872

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Melencolia I, Albrecht Dürer, 1514.

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Georgia O’Keefe, Alfred Stieglitz, 1918.

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